Private accident insurance: These rates are recommended for children

Private Unfallversicherung: Diese Tarife sind für Kinder sinnvoll Dangers lurk everywhere

  • The statutory accident insurance does not pay for children after every accident.
  • It therefore makes sense for accidents during leisure time when parents secure their offspring with private accident insurance.
  • Which insurers offer the best price-performance ratio, shows a recent test of Focus-Money.

Whether on the road, at leisure or in the home – accidents happen constantly. Frequently affected people get away with the horror and minor injuries. But some accidents also lead to serious injuries and have long-term consequences . Since the statutory accident insurance does not pay in every case, the additional protection of a private accident insurance makes sense. “This also applies to children and adolescents,” writes the business magazine Focus-Money. Because with them permanent health restrictions can determine the whole life , if they can not learn a profession.

Why is private accident insurance useful for children?

Why is private accident insurance useful for children?

The statutory accident insurance jumps in children only for consequences of accidents that happen in kindergarten or school and on the way there and there. Tobt the offspring after the kindergarten in the garden and crashed there, he runs during a Sunday walk in front of a car or falls down the stairs at home, does not pay the statutory accident insurance usually.

But just when the accident has permanently damaged the health of the child, financial support for the parents is important . They receive this from a private accident insurance. For example, the insurer’s lump sum can be used to finance refurbishment measures so that the child can move as independently as possible within their own four walls.

Accident insurance for children in the test: What services are important?

Accident insurance for children in the test: What services are important?

Which private accident insurance is specifically recommended for children, Focus-Money has tested by the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg. The experts only considered tariffs that provide for certain minimum benefits. This includes, for example, that dislocations, strains and fractures are also covered, which result from increased exertion . By default, this is not covered by a private accident insurance.

Parents should also make sure that even infections are insured by an insect bite or a vaccine. Also for accidents under the influence of drugs should pay a good private accident insurance.

In addition, the testers advise to set the sum insured to at least 100,000 euros . Depending on how severely disabled the children are by the accident, the insurance pays a pro rata amount. Their height also depends on the agreed progression. The more serious the disability caused by an accident, the higher the payout. For example, in the event of total disability and a progression of 500 per cent, the insurance benefits increase to 500,000 euros.

Accident insurance in comparison: Many top rates for children

Accident insurance in comparison: Many top rates for children

Focus-Money’s accident insurance test is based on a 15-year model customer. The overall grade consists of 30 per cent of the contribution amount and 70 per cent of the assessment of the benefits. All rates offer a sum insured of 100,000 euros and a progression of 500 percent.

Of the 32 insurers surveyed, two have an excellent rating :

  • GMO – Tariff “Top VIT”
  • HanseMerkur – “Top with articulated taxi I”

Another twelve accident insurance companies achieve a very good rating in comparison, for example:

  • Domcura – “Top Protection”
  • Ammerländer – “Exclusive”
  • LBN – “Better +”
  • Ostangler Brandgilde – “Exclusive Fair Play”
  • VHV – “Exclusive”

All top rates offer an excellent or very good level of performance. The price, however, there are major differences . The annual fee for these offers varies between 61 and 109 euros. Parents should therefore check with the free rate calculator, which private accident insurance offers them the best value for money for the important protection of their child.

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